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NPO iPledge

The world is made of “determination”.
“What will happen to Japan?” “Society can’t change anyways”
In recent years, many of the younger generation have anxiety and are giving up on society. For them to change this view, depends on finding a place to meet people with various values and interests, and a time to notice connections between the current society and future issues.
We will change the younger generation’s sense of “anxiety” and “giving up” to that of “confidence” and “pride” by providing them with opportunities to meet people with a variety of values and interests, and through activities related to “Gomi = waste” that creates a sustainable future.
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The problem of illegal harvesting of Borneo Forest has emerged at the new national stadium in Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo in 2020.
At the same time, skateboarding from street culture, which will be the first formal item in Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo in 2020, has an increasing population but no slippery places, and the story has an annoying skater.
So, I ♡ SKATEBOARD will send out messages from the skater culture of Tokyo to the world and at the same time improve the skater’s awareness and redefine the environment and relationship with the local residents in a sustainable way. We approach the skateboard industry in Japan to operate based on the environmental and social impact of the event, not the content.
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A youth-oriented environmental NGO
Founded as the Japanese branch of “A SEED international campaign” whose purpose was to give the youth a voice at the Rio Earth Summit held in 1992. A SEED JAPAN is an organization for the youth who are interested in all aspects of environmental concerns. A SEED Japan aims to be the voice of the youth that are self-motivated and will lead the next generation towards a sustainable and fair society.
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International World Peace Symphony

This NPO corporation thinks about peace through language and educational projects in Japanese and foreign languages, aiming at establishing world peace with the people of the world beyond the borders and races, broadly targeting the general public It is aimed to contribute to the reality of world peace by doing business such as business.
As the main concrete activity, I am working on the event called WPPC.
WPPC (World Peace Prayer Ceremony: a ceremony holding the national flags of each country) is an event of raising the flags of 193 countries around the world and wishing for peace in that country and the world. Participation fee is free, from children to elderly people, both Japanese and foreigners are welcome to feel free to participate in anyone.
Example: 20120510_WPPC Vietnam · Hanoi (Main part 10 – 10)
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Environmental Design Laboratory ecotone

We are an environmental NPO/ NGO that develops activities in order to create a sustainable society from the citizens’ point of view. Kyoto, the central area of our activities, is where the Kyoto Protocol was adopted. At the same time, it is where many festivals and events are held throughout the year as one of the world’s top tourist cities. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are a lot of waste being produced at these festivals and events, through items such as disposable containers. In order to resolve such problems, we created reusable plates and cups as a countermeasure towards these environmental issues with the words “reuse” and “reduce” in mind. These reusable items have been distributed and used in many festivals and events so far. By creating new options for our society and with the cooperation beyond sectors in society, we will make movements to solve the problems of local communities and societies.
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At this rate, the earth will eventually become uninhabitable.
It is necessary for the child’s heartfelt request to be noticed by everyone.
What should i do?
SDGs KIDS MOVEMENT is a movement for the future earth by asking children to adults and telling them what they can do.
In order to protect the earth of the future, we will teach children what they can do and tell them through their actions.
Children alone cannot protect the earth of the future.
May the majority of the children ask for it.

NPO ezorock

Based on the philosophy of “Rock the Society”, “ezorock” was founded in April 2001 by an international youth environmental NGO, A SEED, as a representative of the Hokkaido region, who was inspired by the environmental activities held at the outdoor rock festival, the “RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL” in 2000 at Ishikari, Hokkaido. Subsequently, “ezorock” developed activities as a local organization. Aside from expanding the network of youths, they have developed projects to bring the ideas and the power of the youth to the regional issues of Hokkaido. Every year, more than 3,400 youths participate in the activities held by “ezorock” across Hokkaido, and they are able to create opportunities that will help to broaden their horizons.
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FoE Japan

FoE Japan is an international environmental NGO tackling environmental issues on a global scale. We have been active in Japan since 1980 as a member of Friends of the Earth International which has two million members and supporters from 74 countries around the world. Our mission is to create a “sustainable society” where all lives on Earth can enjoy a well-balanced and fulfilling life.
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Student Group ORIGAMI

Student Group ORIGAMI is a student group of 169 students from 37 universities in the Kanto area with the aim of expanding the scope of participation in the 2020 Tokyo Convention.
Origin of group name,
“ORI” (Olympic and Paralympic Games)
“GA” (“Gakusei” which means student)
“MI” (“Minna” which means everyone)
(Let’s boost the Olympic and Paralympic Games with all students.)
The wish was put in, once in a lifetime, by grasping the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which you do not know or not, as you are, it is to welcome the Tokyo Convention, which many people “are good to do”.
We decompose the essence of the Olympic and Paralympic Games into the six themes of “Sports,” “Culture,” “Environment,” “International,” “Welfare,” and “Education.” We think about the participation idea and execute it.
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Environmental Partnership Council (EPC)

Environmental Partnership Council is an organization aiming to build a new force which can solve problems by assisting regional environmental groups and environmental NGOs who make policy recommendations, as well as creating partnerships with private businesses and government agencies. We support this through activities such as creating meeting spaces and structures, making samples and examples, human resource development, and information sharing designs.
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NPO Environmental Relations Association

Although there has been increasing interests in the environment amongst people, unfortunately it is difficult to actually get everyone to do something about it. In order to further promote environmental measures and conservation in Japan, we must bring in the vast majority of those “who are not actually acting now”. Our vision is based on this idea, and our mission is to create the necessary “framework” towards that purpose and goal.
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Climate Youth Japan (CYJ)

CYJ is a network type youth environmental NGO established by Japan Youth who participated in the COP 15 of the Climate Change Framework Convention (Spring 2010).
Aiming at “to realize an equitable and sustainable society by using youth to solve climate change problems”, we promote advocacy activities to climate change policy and empowerment activities to raise the influence of youth both in Japan and abroad I am doing.
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Green Purchasing Network (GPN)

“Green purchasing” is an extremely effective means to help promote the development of environmentally friendly products through the market, as well as to contribute to building a sustainable society.
The Green Purchasing Network (GPN) was founded in 1996 as a loose network of “green purchasing” companies, administrative organizations, private organizations and others, to promote “green purchasing” and to circulate information.
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Green Alliance Japan

Green Alliance Japan is a nationwide network of environmental NGOs, NPOs, and civil society founded on June 5th, 2015 to collect all of the experiences and the wisdom of friends and colleagues through various environmental activities. This is to bring a big wave of people to Japanese society to preserve the global environment under crises, and to build a sustainable and fulfilling society.
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CSO Network

Aiming to realize a fair society where each individual can earn a dignified living, CSO Network focuses on activities to connect people who create sustainable societies across borders and sectors, and to encourage others to participate. Through our network of domestic and international CSOs (civil society organizations) and the cooperation of diverse sectors, we are engaged in projects such as promoting social responsibility (SR) and sustainability, promoting sustainable development goals (SDGs), creating a sustainable community-based society, and providing an evaluation of societies.
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NPO Genki Net for creating a sustainable society

I wish my children and grandchildren’s generation can inherit a society and environment where they can live with smile on their faces !
We bring to you the stories of collaborations between cheerful citizens, business operators, and governments who aim to achieve this wish by their own means, and of the challenges that they face to create a sustainable town.
We are working towards the realization of a sustainable society, while aiming to build interactive networks that spread and exchange information nationwide and to connect citizens, business operators, and governments as partners.
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Sui Do! (Tap Water Do!)

The Sui Do! Campaign was started to reduce the use of disposable drink containers such as plastic bottles by promoting drinking tap water, and to promote for the regional production of water as an effort to reduce environmental impacts, to conserve water resources, and to propose a city development that is human friendly. The Sui Do! Campaign was launched in June 2010 as a project of FoE Japan, an international environmental NGO. Since 2014, the campaign now operates through the “Water Do! Network” which is formed by approved organizations.
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Space fuu (Authorized NPO)

Aiming to spread eco events without waste, a rental system was created in 2003 to provide reusable dishes instead of disposable dishes. While doing nationwide promotions and campaigns, recently, we are highlighting activities in Yamanashi Prefecture and Fujikawa town by connecting and incorporating “events” which are extraordinary to our ordinary daily lives. We also actively promote the development of sustainable communities through the collaboration of the government, academia, the people, and by providing policy recommendations to the administration.
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Global Environmental Forum (GEF)

The Global Environmental Forum (GEF) is a non-profit environmental organization that conducts research on global environmental issues to disseminate and to provide the results to the public, as well as to make policy recommendations. We collaborate and network with the government, the corporations, NPOs/NGOs, and the media in a cross-sectoral manner to solve a wide range of global environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, desertification, as well as to develop a more sustainable society.
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The Nature Conservation Society of Japan (NACS-J)

Our aim is to protect the richness of the nature of Japan that supports our lives = the biodiversity.
What we want to protect, is the richness of the natural environment of Japan that supports our lives. This richness is not only that there are many kinds of living creatures, but also of the richness that we can acquire from nature that will be necessary for our future. In order to protect this, we need to look back on our relationship with nature, to respect the ways of nature, and to create a sustainable society. The Nature Conservation Society of Japan conducts activities to protect and understand nature, and to disseminate and promote its meaning and its value to the society and has been active for more than half a century.
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Japan Wild Bird Society

Aiming to realize a rich society where people and nature can coexist, we are a private organization that promotes nature conservation while conveying to others about how wonderful wild birds and nature can be. We hold dissemination activities to convey the importance of thinking about birds and nature, as well as holding conservation activities to protect the wild birds and their habitats. We have approximately 50,000 members and supporters nationwide who support nature preservation activities while enjoying nature.
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Japan Tropical Forest Action Network

For the conservation of tropical forests and other global forests, we proposed the role of governments, companies and citizens to improve Japan’s timber trade and timber waste societies that are causing deforestation. The goal is to maintain a healthy environment and society, such as protecting biodiversity and the lives of local residents.
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With a vision of “Diversified sports powerhouse Nippon” as a vision, venture sports (sports with sports organizations with a willingness to disseminate, not confined to the major / minor framework
The organization that carries out the extension activities of Media activities that deliver sports mainly on YouTube (KATAYABURI channel) and articles. Intermediary support to support competitions and attract customers from each competition group. We are planning a V sports club that provides a place where venture sports can actually be performed, and also create a platform where many people can gather through sports.
We will have venture sports in our lives, enrich our everyday life, and create an environment where everyone feels happy.
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Sustainable Week Executive Committee, Ritsumeikan University

The Sustainable Week Executive Committee, Ritsumeikan University runs the SDGs Experienced Event “Sustainable Week” that places the Ritsumeikan University Learning and Learning Campus on a small scale. It consists of students who are interested in SDGs, students who want to be involved in management, and representatives of participating organizations. We also carry out events to raise awareness of SDGs and deepen their understanding, as well as collaborative projects with companies and local governments.
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